Covid-19 Cyber Attacks Rise

We all know how important personal hygiene (hand washing) and social distancing is in order to help combat the current Covid-19 virus pandemic at the moment, but from an IT perspective digital hygiene is equally as important in the effort to stay safe. Throughout March and April this year, multiple security organisations have reported a large rise in email scams linked to the coronavirus. The main driving forces behind this recent trend are three fold,

  • The natural fear of the virus among the general population creates an opportunity for cyber attackers to exploit.
  • The large increase in people working from home can result in employees having their guard down.
  • Many companies are still getting to grips with deploying and securing IT infrastructure for their employees at home.

Recent attacks have been characterised as both individual(spear attacks) as well as mass scale phishing attacks targeting industries, including aerospace, transport, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and insurance. An effective company IT security policy for staff working from home is as important, if not more important than in the office and unfortunately in the current environment many companies are finding themselves playing catch-up with basics such as ensuring users have adequate antivirus protection, secure vpn access and company supplied hardware as opposed to personal devices. With that said one of the most powerful things staff can do is to know what to look out for, and to be extra vigilant. Thus UpInTheCloud have created a series of guides to help staff recognise and avoid phishing attacks. Please feel free to download and circulate among your colleagues and above all stay safe.


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