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Founded in 2010, UpInTheCloud is a trusted provider of IT services throughout Ireland. We specialize in building individual support packages for our wide range of clients. We understand that each organization has different requirements and UpInTheCloud leverage our Knowledge and expertise to offer informed solutions to our clients.

Some of Our Services

IT Support

Businesses today are increasingly dependent on technology. UpInTheCloud knows that procuring, installing and maintaining technology often requires expert knowledge beyond the scope of internal resources. This is where we can help; UpInTheCloud can leverage our knowledge and expertise to offer informed solutions to our clients.

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Sales & Installation

We provide full sales, installation and configuration services. All devices are configured to work securely on the customer’s domain and can be supported either by remote connection or in the event of a physical fault our Engineer’s will attend onsite.

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Project Management

UpInTheCloud Ltd can provide ad-hoc Project Management services. Typically we provide for customers who are: Moving or setting up in a new Office, Network / Telecom’s Upgrades or Introduction of new systems / applications.

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IT Audit

The Majority of businesses build up their IT systems over time. As new technology is employed older computer equipment is moved to less critical functions and in certain cases is no longer used but still connected to the network.

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